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About Us

The Outdoor Store was opened in 1993. We specialize in apparel, footwear and gear designed for hiking, trail running, backpacking and travel. We take pride in working with our customers to find the most appropriate products for their desired activities.

The world of retail has changed dramatically since we first opened our doors some 20 years ago. The internet has changed the playing field, giving you the outdoor enthusiast many excellent buying opportunities without having to step outside your home.  We have no interest in butting heads with the Amazons of the world, but recognize that e-commerce is an integral part of shopping in the 21st century.

 The Outdoor Store is and always will be a small family owned business, and customer service has always been very important to us. We still feel that the “brick & mortar” experience we have been offering our customers is the best way to achieve that, and we look upon this “portal” to our shop as just an extension of that experience. Having the opportunity to handle and try on our products and let us personally help you understand their various features and benefits is just not something that can be done via the Internet. Our local customer will always be our first priority and hopefully, this website will provide some convenience to you and give one more good reason to “shop local”!